Via Umbria


Branding, Print, Digital


Creative Direction, Project Management, Design, Copywriting

Via Umbria is a unique business with a marketplace, restaurant, and event space in one location. As design and marketing manager of a small team, I provided creative direction for multiple print and digital materials.

Projects I oversaw included the business's website, weekly marketing emails, social media posts and visuals, catering materials, event flyers, menus, local ad placement, store displays, product labels, and photography.

In addition to having a brick-and-morter location, Via Umbria also hosts tours and vacation rentals in Italy. The following brochure was designed to provide an overview about the rental house and direct interested customers to the website.

Single Project

Via Umbria’s unique daily rotating menu required a menu concept that could easily be maintained. I designed these table-top menus as a basic list of available cafe fare and prices, and implemented coordinating TV menus above the counter to display daily specials for each category.

Single Project

To promote events, I directed the creation of table top tents, coordinating posters, and flyers. Each event had a short description, as well as a schedule and menu.

Single Project

Single Project

Emails promoting weekly product deals, special guests, and unique events were important to spreading the word to customers. I directed the copywriting, photography, design, and scheduling.

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