Nancy Szarkowski

Artist. Thinker. Creator.

I'm a creative communicator currently working in the Washington DC area.

It all began with pencils and paintbrushes. Then I picked up some digital knowledge at Syracuse University.
I combined what I learned there with some real-life experience, and ended up with a great toolkit for solving problems visually.
Now I use my skills to design things for print, web, and interactive.

The Skills

Visual Thinker

Whipping up a painting is one thing, but translating intangible ideas into visuals with pixels and type is a whole other monster. Luckily, we're pretty good friends.

Problem Solver

It's more than just looking good, it's about doing good. I ask a lot of questions, it's the only way to find the best solution. Results are the reward, whether they're good or bad.

Team Leader

Strategy, organization, decision making: all obviously necessary. But I believe the strongest teams are built on camaraderie and authenticity. Who's up for a game of #CAH?